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In Matsuri Nerd we are always attentive to our customers and therefore it is important for us to receive feedback on the products you buy.

For this reason you can receive a discount of 1 euro for every review made on the site on the products you have purchased.

You will receive an email with the review request or, by going to your account, you can click on the "Product Reviews" page and write a review by clicking on "Rate the product".

Following the approval of the review made, you will receive an email containing your discount code to be inserted on your next purchase. It is possible that the approval will not be made immediately, if you have urgency contact us.

ATTENTION: To make the review you must log in otherwise the system will not be able to generate the discount code and send the email.

Loyalty Discounts

The more you buy, the more discounts you have.

At Matsuri Nerd we reward loyalty.

Each purchase in fact generates points that can be converted into coupons in the next orders. On each product you will find information on how many points you can receive from purchasing it

Coupons can be used once the order has been completed, after the product has been shipped and received by the customer.

First order discount

Are you a new customer? For you there is a 2 euro discount on your first order by using the code FIRST-ORDER. The code is valid on a minimum purchase of 10 euros

Social Media Reviews

Do you like sharing your new purchases with others? If you like you can tag us on Instagram and Facebook to grow our community. We will reshare the posts on our Instagram and Facebook Stories. 

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