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Pre-order Products

The products offered as "preorder”,marked by the label , are products not available yet and the release is expected in the future compared to the time of purchase.

The release date is purely indicative and variable depending on external factors, such as production delays or distribution that are not dependent and therefore not attributable to Matsuri Nerd. You find it marked on each product, we try to update it as frequently as possible based on what is communicated to us by the suppliers.

It is possible to purchase pre-order products with different purchase methods, which vary from product to product:

If on the product sheet it says "Valid preorder after checking availability!" it means that before confirming the pre-order we will make sure that it is still available. If it is not, we will immediately cancel the order and refund you.

All information on pre-orders you have made starting from 07/02/2022 can be found on your account 

By clicking on Pre-orders you will see a with the following fields:

Product name,

- Order reference

- Estimated date of arrival: we will update it as frequently as possible based on delays or advances from suppliers

- Total Paid: The Partial Payment for booking the product is displayed here. This value includes the vouchers used (first order discount, review vouchers, loyalty points, other ...)

- Remaining Amount: what you will have to pay on balance when the product is available.

- Current Price: the price may vary over time because there is usually a discount for those who purchase the pre-order product by a certain date. If you buy the discounted product, do not worry if you will see the increased price, you will be given the pre-order discount at the time of the balance and in any case the amount in the " Remaining Amount " column is always valid

- Payment 

- Completed: Yes if the product has been paid for in full

- Action: to see order details

COMPLETE button to proceed with the balance of the product when the product has arrived in the warehouse.


It is possible to purchase pre-order products with different purchase methods

1.Payment of the deposit: it is possible to pre-order a product by paying a deposit equal to 20% of the total amount by selecting "deposit" as the payment method. In this case the shipping costs are not counted but will be calculated at the time of the balance of the product. If you want to see how much they are, just enter the product in the cart with the total balance mode.

Once the product is available in our warehouse, you will receive an email and you can proceed to complete the order from the Pre-orders page of your account by clicking on the "complete" button. You will be redirected to the cart and the voucher relating to the deposit paid plus any pre-order discount will be automatically activated if you had bought the product when it was discounted.

You can add more products to be paid in the cart or add other products in stock to take advantage of a single shipment.

You have 30 days to pay the balance. After this deadline, the product will no longer be guaranteed.

2. Payment of the balance: it is possible to pre-order a product by directly paying the total balance by selecting "Total Balance" as payment method. In this case, the customer will pay the total amount of the product including shipping costs. As soon as the product is available it will be shipped to the address indicated during the purchase phase.  If you want to change the address, just contact us and we will make the change.

WARNING: If you purchase multiple products in the same order with the total balance, the order will be shipped once all the products are available because you have chosen to pay a single shipment for all products. In no case will it be possible for us to divide the order and ship the products separately.

Payment in installments: For products with amounts over 400.00 euros we offer the possibility of a deferred payment via Paypal. You can reserve the product by paying the deposit following method 1. The remaining value of the product will be divided into variable installments based on the missing amount and the expected release date of the product

 If you want to use this payment method, contact us via customer service to customize the installments in the way that is most convenient for you. In case of early arrival of the product, the product will be shipped once the installment has been completed. It is in no way possible for us to anticipate the agreed deadlines.

In case of delayed arrival the product will be shipped as soon as it is available in our warehouse.

After you have purchased the product (by deposit or total balance) you will receive a booking confirmation email and the product will be booked and guaranteed.

So don't worry if you see sold out on the product sheet because your copy is guaranteed.

Preorder cancellation

It is possible to cancel a preorder within 5 days of purchase, with a full refund of the amount paid, down payment or balance.

After this deadline it is possible to cancel the preorder, two options will be available:

- a voucher worth the total amount paid for the preorder can be issued. The voucher will be valid throughout the shop and will be valid for 12 months.

- the order can be refund, but 20% of the value of the product will be retained as a penalty. Any amount paid, exceeding this percentage, will be refunded according to the refund method chosen by the customer.

For any request contact us via email, chat or on our social pages.