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Terms and conditions of use

Acceptance of the terms of sale

We inform you that the general conditions of sale, shown below, indicate, in compliance with the regulations to protect consumers, the conditions and how to purchase online at products safely, easily and convenient.
By placing an order in the manner provided, you acknowledge that you have read all the information provided during the purchase process, and accept the general conditions and payment transcribed below.
By placing the order on this site, the client declares to be an adult, that have read the conditions of sale, the terms of payment proposals and to be aware of the entire purchasing process.
Is excluded any contractual or extra-contractual responsability by the company for any direct or indirect personal and / or property caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order.
The company reserves the right to modify at any time the present general conditions of sale bringing them back on the site.

How to buy

For each product is available on the website description containing the main features. All support information for purchase are intended as mere material for general information.
It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of the product may not be fully representative of its features but differ in color, size, and accessories in the picture.
All support information for purchase are intended as mere material for general information, not due to real characteristics of a single product.
The correct order is confirmed by Matsuri Nerd with an automatic response via e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer at the time of registration. This confirmation message will contain a "number", to be used in case of any communication with the company. The message will contain all the data entered by the customer who agrees to verify the correctness and communicate any corrections at

Product Availability

The availability of the products is refered at the time when the client consults the tabs of the product; this must still be considered indicative only because, due to the simultaneous presence of multiple users on the site, the products could be sold to others before confirming the order. Even after sending the e-mail confirmation of the order, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of goods. In this case the customer will be promptly informed and can decide whether to accept delivery of the only products available, to await the arrival of the required goods in stock, or ask for a cancellation of the order by communicating via e-mail to the customer service.

Products on preorder

The products offered as "pre-order", as indicated in the title and description, are products not available yet and the release is expected in the future compared to the time of purchase.
The release date is purely indicative and variable depending on external factors, such as production delays or distribution that are not dependent and therefore not attributable to Matsuri Nerd.
It is possible to purchase pre-order products with different purchase methods, which vary from product to product:
-payment of the deposit, the customer will be contacted as soon as the product is available and will be required to balance the difference fn the cost of the product plus the cost of shipping.
The time provided for the payment of the balance is equal to 5 working days, after this deadline the availability of the product is not guaranteed, with consequent loss of the paid deposit.
-payment of the balance, the customer will pay at the time of purchase the total amount of the product including shipping costs. As soon as it is available, the product will be sent to the address indicated at the time of purchase without requesting additional costs.
-payment in installments, allows the purchase of certain products in installments against a deposit equal to 20% of the value of the product purchased and variable installments based on the cost and the expected release date of the product.
In case of early exit of the product compared to the end of the installment, the customer will be contacted and can decide whether to pay the difference immediately and immediately receive the product or wait for the end of the installment and receive the product at the end of it.
In case of deferred exit from the end of the installment, the product will be shipped as soon as available in our warehouse.

Preorder cancellation

It is possible to cancel a preorder within 5 days of purchase, with a full refund of the amount paid, down payment or balance.

After this deadline it is possible to cancel the preorder, two options will be available:

- a voucher worth the total amount paid for the preorder can be issued. The voucher will be valid throughout the shop and will be valid for 12 months.

- the order can be refund, but 20% of the value of the product will be retained as a penalty. Any amount paid, exceeding this percentage, will be refunded according to the refund method chosen by the customer.

Payment methods

Prices are subject to change without prior notice and the only correct price is to be understood that stated at the time of order confirmation. The sending of goods takes place only after the receipt of credit. In case of cancellation after payment Matsuri Nerd agrees to return, agreeing with the customer, the amount paid by the customer within 5 working days from the cancellation. In cases of purchase of goods with payment "PayPal", together with the completion of the online transaction, PayPal will immediately charge the amount of your purchase. You don't need to be a paypal customer to use it.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, the customer will receive an email with the payment data from Matsuri Nerd via the email address: As soon as the payment has been made, the customer must communicate it to the email address who will check it and send the goods.
Any other payment method entered and active on the Matsuri Nerd shop will fall into one of the two methods mentioned above based on the payment management by the person managing the payment structure.

Shipping and Delivery

In no case will Matsuri Nerd be liable for damage due to transport once it has been entrusted to the courier.

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is required to check the number of packages and the integrity of the packaging and, subsequently, of the products.
In case of visible damage or tampering with the package, this must be accepted "With Reserve" and entered by the courier as a note on delivery, in this way it will be possible to request a refund based on the damage received by the courier.


Matsuri Nerd assumes no liability for disruptions caused by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, even where employees of a malfunction or disruption of the Internet, in the event that fails to execute the order within the time stipulated in the contract. The availability of each item is only an indication, not contractual and can't be attributed to the vendor liability in the event of unavailability of one or more products.<

Responsibility of users on uploaded content

The selection of the contents and images to be printed, as well as the acquisition of the relative authorizations for their reproduction, where necessary, remains the sole responsibility of the user.
In no case will Matsuri Nerd verify the contents except for the technical specifications and the graphic compatibility with the requested specifications and cannot in any way be held responsible for the unauthorized use of images by users and for any type of violation of third party rights existing on them.
The user therefore exonerates Matsuri Nerd, also undertaking to keep it harmless and indemnify it, from any liability towards third parties who complain of violations of intellectual property rights, damage to the image, honor, dignity, moral integrity or in any case any pecuniary damage and non-patrimonial consequent to the printing of the images and contents uploaded by the user himself.
In any case, Matsuri Nerd reserves the right to block any order that involves an evident violation of third party intellectual property rights or in any case whose contents are defamatory, violent or otherwise contrary to public order and morality.

The files uploaded on the Matsuri Nerd platform will be kept for the entire duration of the work in order to allow them to be completed and then kept for 30 days from the departure of the goods for the sole purpose of being able to verify any disputes should they occur. Once these terms have expired, the files will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

In no case can Burger-print have this material for subsequent uses not authorized by their respective owners. The ownership and responsibility of the content uploaded and managed by Matsuri Nerd therefore remains with the customer.


Below the privacy of consensus in ref. Law 196/2003, the protection of privacy. Subject: Information on article 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of June 30, 2003. The DL 196/2003 protects the confidentiality of personal data and imposes a series of obligations on those who "process" personal information concerning other parties. In light of the above, therefore, we inform you in accordance with Article 13 of the law in question, the writing company collects and processes data concerning your person or business for purposes related to the management of ordinary business relations and precisely for the compilation of registry lists, the accountancy customers / suppliers, billing, management of the creditor for the satisfaction of all the obligations required by law. Your data will also be treated her for internal targets of statistical and market research. The treatments can be effected through either computer or manual, in compliance with all the precautions necessary to ensure the safety and and the confidentiality of the information. Your information also may be disclosed to third parties only for technical and operational closely related to the purposes stated above and in particular to the following categories: a) institutions, professionals, companies or other places we responsible for the processing related to 'fulfillment of administrative, accounting and management related to the ordinary conduct of our business, even for purposes of debt collection; b) To the public authorities and administrations for purposes connected with the fulfillment of legal obligations; c) banks, financial institutions or other persons to whom the transfer of such data is necessary to the performance of our firm in relation to, for our part, of the contractual obligations assumed with you.
Either your conferment of the data or your consent can be freely manifested, but your refusal will make it impossible, for our part, to grant the contracts and other obligations connected and properly handle their relations trade. According to art .13 paragraph 1 letter e, we hereby inform you of the rights of access to personal data in art. 7. 1. You have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded and their communication informs intelligible. 2. You have the right to obtain information: a) origin of personal data; b) the purposes and methods of treatment; c) the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means; d) The identity of the owner, manager and the representative appointed pursuant to art. 5, paragraph 2; e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data may be communicated or who can venirnea know them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents. 3. You have the right to obtain: a) updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data; b) The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including such of which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; c) certification that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, accepted the case in this requirement impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right. 4. You have the right to object, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data concerning him, even to the scope of the collection; b) to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication. Hereby we are then to consider you, as of now, informed on the treatments from us effected pursuant to and for the affections of the said article 13 of the law in question.


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